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Results and analysis

Information & understanding

I understand how my course is structured and what I will need to do in each year of my degree.

I know what I will be doing this term.

I know what I will be doing for the next seven days.

I know what I will have to do to succeed in my degree.


I am getting a very wide understanding of my chosen subjects.

I am mastering some topics in great depth.

I know that I will graduate with the skills, knowledge and experiences that I need for the future.

Self-confidence, academic skills and creativity

I am a confident and active participant in seminars and workshops.

I can confidently stand before an audience and talk for ten minutes about a topic related to my degree.

I have my own personal style, and am confident in using it in my academic work.

I can come up with my own ideas on an academic topic and confidently use them in my work.

I am comfortable taking risks and making mistakes.

Study skills, individual and collaborative

I am adept at planning my own study activities effectively.

I can effectively plan study activities with a group of other students.

Research skills

When writing an essay, I can search for and use a wide range of authoritative online and printed academic sources.

I am confident in citing and summarizing academic sources in my essays without committing plagiarism.

I can use online video and audio (iTunesU, podcasts) to help me be more creative.

Wikipedia is a great source of knowledge for my essays.

Support & community

My tutors are my best source of support when I have a problem with my work.

Other students are my best source of support when i have a problem with my work.

The feedback from my tutors makes sense and helps me to improve.

I feel that I am part of an academic community doing important research work.

I feel a strong sense of “belonging” to Warwick University.


Technology is used effectively to enhance my course.

I use excellent technologies for my individual or group work.

I enjoy and value opportunities to share my ideas online.

Learning spaces

Excellent learning spaces are used to enhance the teaching in my course.

I use excellent study spaces for my individual or group work.

Learning styles

Actively participating is a better way to learn than just listening.

Participating in drama, role-play and simulations is an effective way to learn creatively.

Written essays should in some cases be replaced with video or audio recording projects.