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Session plan


12:00 Starting exactly on time! Brief introduction with example videos illustrating what can be done with the available technology and support. This will demonstrate how our video production setup can be used to combine video from the cameras, autocue led 'talking head' style footage, video footage from the web and DVD (copyright permitting), images, music and sound effects, and PowerPoint slides.
Tracy Playle from PickleJar Communications will talk about how to develop your idea into a movie.
Buffet lunch, networking, and time to discuss ideas.
Developing the idea, storyboarding, scripting, testing, rehearsing - with Tracy and others helping.
Shooting and editing - with support from video and technical experts. Each group will have a camera and an iMac. We will also have a Mac setup with autocue software specifically for recording the 'talking head' style footage. Each group will be assigned an Arts E-Squad student to help with the technology.
15:00 Workshop ends, but teams may continue working if they wish

Anyone who completes the workshop qualifies to book the Arts E-Squad office and equipment when they are creating more movies and podcasts (cameras, podcast recorders, Apple iMac computers etc).