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Bespoke training

Bespoke training sessions taught by Robert O'Toole (PGCE qualified ICT teacher, HEA National Teaching Fellow, Warwick Award for Teaching Excellence).

I can create sessions on any of the technologies that we use for learning, teaching and research in the arts and humanities. Sessions can be run for individuals, small groups and whole classes. I can adapt sessions to fit with existing teaching, for example as part of a module.

Longer accredited courses in e-learning are provided by the Learning and Development Centre.

Some example sessions are listed below, but most other topics and technologies can be covered - just ask! There are sessions for teachers, taught students, administrators and researchers.

For teachers (including PhD students)

  • Creating web pages to support courses and modules.
  • Effectively sell your department, course or module to prospective students.
  • Finding, organising and using collections of images and videos.
  • Writing lectures and hand-outs fast with Mindmanager.
  • Using slide shows and video to enhance lectures.
  • Designing great lectures and presentations through storyboarding with Powerpoint.
  • Turn your slide show into an online lecture.
  • Recording lectures (podcast audio and video).
  • Making teaching more discursive - students as producers and performers - wikis, blogs, glossaries, podcasts, video etc.
  • Using technology to get students to reflect on their progress (Quizbuilder, blogs, ePortfolios etc).
  • Build your own Virtual Learning and Research Environment.
  • Setting up and running a distance learning course.

For taught students (can be included in modules and skills programmes)

  • 10 ways to improve your learning using technology.
  • Make a video presentation for a seminar.
  • Use technology to improve your communications skills.
  • Create a podcast interview.
  • Promote your project or society online (blogs, web sites, video, podcasts).

For administration

  • Introduction to IT at Warwick.
  • 10 simple IT tricks to make life easier.
  • Using Turn It In for plagiarism detection.
  • Online assignment submission and return results to students.
  • Streamlining admin with online tools.
  • Create an online video to show how to do a process correctly.

For research (including PhD students)

  • Create an ePortfolio web site.
  • Using Mindmanager mind mapping for research and creativity.
  • Communicate your research online (blogs, podcasting, eportfolios, video etc).
  • Using audio and video recording for interviews and gathering evidence.
  • Build an online research network (various tools).
  • Writing and referencing tools.




To request a session, or to discuss requirements, please email:

r dot b dot o-toole at warwick dot ac dot uk