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Why E-learning?

A complete guide to e-learning for the Arts Faculty

Information technology can be used to enhance teaching in many ways. There are five convincing reasons for doing so:

  • Rapid access to information how?
    Get facts and figures, names and dates, accessible in one place.
  • Efficient administration how?
    Simplify and systematise processes, make them 'self-service', free-up time for other things.
  • Instant access to resources how?
    A student asks a question, you know of a video that will illustrate your answer, find it quickly, play it instantly.
  • Making it discursive how?
    More than just a transfer of information, get your students to be more engaged and active: students as producers & performers.
  • Making it reflective how?
    Revisiting past learning activities improves memory and understanding, and allows us to plan to improve.
In addition, exposing our students to all of these uses of IT gives them a chance to develop vital skills, making their university experience even more valuable.