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Conferences Attended and Presented

  • September 2011, University of Birmingham; BAVS Conference 2011. Paper: 'The Tense Compositions of Beatrice Potter and Clara Collet.'
  • June 2011, University of Portsmouth; Enslavement: Colonial Appropriations, Apparitions, Remembrances, 1750-Present Day. Paper: 'Slavery, the Factory System and the Female Philanthropist in Frances Trollope's The Life and Adventures of Michael Armstrong, Factory Boy.'
  • April 2011, Rutgers University; NeMLA Convention 2011. Paper: 'Clara Collet and the Factory Girl: 'The Spectre of Degeneration in "Women's Work" and "Undercurrents".'
  • September 2010, University of Warwick; 19th Annual Women's History Network Conference. Paper: 'The Two Diaries of Clara Collet: The Problem of Identity for the Professional Victorian Woman.'
  • May 2009, Oxford University; Postgraduate Symposium. Paper: 'The Female Philanthropist in the Works of Charles Dickens and Elizabeth Gaskell.'


  • July 2011, Institute of English Studies; Victorian Popular Fiction Association 3rd Annual Conference: Sex Courtship and Marriage in Victorian Popular Culture.
  • June 2011, University of Warwick; Religious Identities in Literature.
  • March 2011, University of Oxford; Dickens' Style.
  • November 2010, Institute of English Studies; 150th Anniversary of The Mill on the Floss.
  • July 2010, Institute of English Studies; Women Writers of the Fin de Siecle
  • February 2010, University of Warwick; Envisioning Community: Space, Place and Translating the Past in 19th and 20th Century Britain.
  • January 2010, King's College London; London Stutters: A Half Day Conference.
  • November 2009, Institute of English Studies; 150th Anniversary of Adam Bede.