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Sumana Ray E-Portfolio



I am currently in my first year of Mphil/PhD and my areas of interest are Post-colonial Studies and Feminism. I have completed a Bachelor's Degree with English honours from the University of Calcutta, India and Masters Degrees in English Literature from the University of Calcutta, India and the University of Birmingham. I am also a Part-time Lecturer at the Bournville College of Further Education in Birmingham. It has been my endeavour to combine work, study and looking after a family and consequenty I am doing my PhD as a part-time student.


About My Research

Department: English and Comparative Literary Studies

Supervisor: Dr. Rashmi Varma

Title: Artistic Expressions of Black and Asian Women from the Midlands

Brief overview:

“It is only with the written word that one can reach out to people to let them know they are not alone” claimed the veteran Asian writer Attia Hossain in her last piece of writing (1998, Hossain). According to her, it is an immense sense of solitude that one experiences when they are alone in their ‘space’, desperately trying to reach out for those ‘speaking one’s own language’ of tolerance and understanding.  In order to counter their sense of loneliness, they seek to balance the consciousness of their roots with a sense of belonging to the whole world through their writing. It is precisely this kind of writing that I wish to examine in my research. My particular area of interest is the ‘textual space’ concerned with recording and articulating the specific experiences of a marginalised and diasporic group of individuals, encountering the metropolitan centre of Birmingham and the West Midlands. The project will also incorporate review of film scripts, plays and the visual arts created by black and Asian women and explore the diasporic perspective on an English region away from the multi-cultural hub of London.  Such examination will impart an inter-disciplinary and multi-media dimension to my project. 

Year Started: 2006

Funded by: Self-funded