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Conferences/Symposium Organised

  • 2018-19: ORGANISER of C21 Global Victorians: When East Meets West. One-day interdisciplinary Conference. Funded by HRC and Dept. English and CLS.
  • 2015-16: CO-ORGANISER of 12th Anniversary Postgraduate Symposium. The Department of English and Comparative Literature Studies. Funded by the Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick. Co-organisation with Katja Rebmann and Emanuelle Rodrigues Dos Santos.

Conferences/ Symposium Presentation

  • 2019: "Oscar Wilde's Cultural Impact in Pop Mediasphere and Queer Activism in East Asia: a Chinese Danmei Fiction, a Japanese Video Game, and a K-pop Musical" at C21 Global Victorians: When East meets West, Humanities Research Centre, and Dept. English & CLS.
  • 2018: “Wilde out of Place – Wilde’s Personas in Contemporary China” at 14th Annual Postgraduate (Symposium of English and Comparative Literary Studies Dept, University of Warwick
  • 2018: "The Perfect Gentleman made in Britain - Anglophile Sentiment and China's New National (Male) Image," in The Masculine Worlds of Race and Power: Objects, Practices and Emotions in Colonial and Post-Colonial Societies in the Long Nineteenth Century, Humanities Research Centre, University of Warwick
  • 2017: "Oscar Wilde 2.0: Wilde's Plural Charisma in Modern China's Beauty Industry," in Neo-Victorian Decadences, hosted at St. John's College, Durham University.
  • 2017: "Oscar Wilde Appropriated: Wilde as a Fashion Persona in Chinese Beauty Industry" for the Conference of Novels Without Frontiers, hosted by Laboratório de Estudos do Romance (LERo) University of São Paulo.
  • 2016: "The Zealous Gaze: Chinese BoBos Fascination of Oscar Wilde's Charismatic Bodies (Excerpt)." in the Colloquium 9 "World Literature & Circulation," of the 6th IWL Harvard University Summer Training Session. Chaired by Dr. Dunia Gras
  • 2015: “A Critical Reading of Judith Butler's Queer Theory in line with Trans-sexuality and Homosexuality in China” at the 11th Annual PG Symposium of English and Comparative Literary Studies Department, University of Warwick.


poster 2

C21 Global Victorians Conference Poster designed by me.