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EN973 Poetry and Poetics Foundation Module


This module is the foundation core of the Poetry and Poetics pathway, and as such seeks to introduce you to key questions on poetry, poetics and prosody from the Romantic period to the present day. Its aim is to work through the various methodologies you might apply in your own readings of poetry and to guide you in both debates about, and the practice of, close reading and close listening.

The module will give students an overview of poetics from Romanticism to Postmodernism and will also investigate key theoretical questions concerning the inter-relation of sound and thought, together with open and closed forms in poetry. Attention will be paid to more recent ecological, social, political and spiritual dynamics in encountering poetry as both practice and cultural intervention. There will be an opportunity for close reading of particular poems that may help to reflect issues of technique and context week by week. Bringing together such material will form a basis for students to find their own approaches to the poetry they will research on other modules.

Reading material

Reading material for the upcoming year (2013-2014) can be found on the 'Syllabus' link: students can download the material online in either pdf, docx or online form. Further reading is recommended here. You are also encouraged to read the essays on 'Poetic Theory' collected on the Poetry Foundation's website.