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Romantic and Victorian Literature Pathway

This pathway allows students to investigate the Romantic and Victorian periods through a variety of genres and approaches. Students may choose to focus on one period or the other or study the various resonances between the eras. This pathway raises interesting questions about periodization, literary history, and national and literary cultures.



Foundation Module plus at least two from the Core Modules and up to two from the Further Modules listed below


Foundation Module plus two Core Modules and a dissertation on an approved topic


Foundation Module plus at least two Core Modules plus up to one from the Further Modules and a dissertation on an approved topic


Core Modules

EN927 Condition of England: Perceptions in Victorian Literature;

EN979 - Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Theatre (1737-1832);

EN954 - Romantic Elegy;

EN905 - Nineteenth-Century Children's Literature.

EN945 - Introduction to Pan Romanticisms

other options (indicative)

EN9B1 - Narratives of American Empire
EN914 - Freud's Metapsychology and its Problems: Texts and Sub-texts (Core)
EN920 - Shakespeare in Performance
EN951 - Crossing Borders
EN964 - Translation Studies in Theory and Practice
EN970 - Psychoanalysis and Creativity
EN996 - Seven Basic Plots
EN9A3 - The Caribbean: Reading the World-Ecology
EN9A7 - Drama and Performance Theory
EN9B1 - Narratives of American Empire
IL903 - Practices of Translation: Or How to Do Things with Shakespeare

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