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Postgraduate students' perspectives

nick.jpgNicholas J S P Collins

First year PhD – Shakespeare and Modern Irish Literature

“After studying for my BA at Warwick, I knew the staff with whom I wanted to work and I realised that their expertise could not be matched elsewhere. To study Shakespeare at Warwick is an honour, given the number of scholars doing various types of research in the area. When combined with my theoretical interests, my supervisor was the best choice possible.”


Khalid Al Hamoud

Fourth year PhD – Modernity and Middle Eastern Studies

“My motivation for applying to Warwick was the unique approach to postcolonial studies and world literature that the scholars in the English department here – especially Professors Benita Parry and Neil Lazarus – had paved in this field.”

vedita.jpgVedita Cowaloosur

Third Year PhD – Postcolonial Studies and Indian-English Literature

“My decision to research Postcolonial Literature at Warwick was motivated by the fact that the English department in Warwick boasts of a large and reputed corps of scholars working in the area. The postgraduate students here are a vibrant and international community of researchers who are mutually supportive and have a drive for excellence. The numerous reading groups, seminar series etc. that are run by this community, with the support of academics, means that there is always an ongoing discussion to be part of.”

christinna.jpgChristinna Hobbs


“I decided to study for my Master's in English and Comparative Literary Studies at Warwick primarily because of the quality of research conducted by scholars here. I was able to select a pathway with a range of optional and theory modules to complement my academic interests and support me in my dissertation research. I have found seminars to be stimulating and lively, providing a great balance with independent study.There is an active postgraduate community, and the department has hosted a series of renowned speakers and academics throughout the year, contributing to the exciting and intellectually stimulating learning environment.”