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Undergraduate student perspectives

Stephanie Taylor

3rd year, English Literature

Hi, my name is Stephanie - I'm a third year English student at Warwick. It was the only campus that I decided to come and see before I started university. I just knew that I felt so relaxed here and that it was going to be really easy to fit in. Now I'm here, I'm really glad that I made that decision.

The tutors are really inspiring; they're really up for letting you be individual. They let you choose your own essay titles and support you with that. I'm currently doing a module called ‘Shakespeare Without Chairs’, which means I never sit down in the classroom every week!

One of the things I've most enjoyed about studying English at Warwick is the option to make my learning interdisciplinary. I'm about to embark on a creative project for my Shakespeare module and, instead of just writing an essay, I'm planning to abridge one of Shakespeare's plays and make it into a radio drama.

The amazing societies at Warwick – they're the thing I think I couldn't get anywhere else. For example, I'm head of arts for the radio station here. As a result of that, I get free tickets to everything in the Arts Centre and I've interviewed loads of celebrities!

I definitely think that you should just come and try it for yourself because you'll be amazed with what you find here.