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Songs of Innocence:

Illustrations of the Book of Job:

John Clare: Lullaby - Stef Conner with Mark Harmer

Clare again

clare mary


The Amber Waves Band, 'Highland Mary'

William Barnes, Linden Lea, arr. Vaughan Williams

Swing Low Sweet Chariot - Fisk Jubilee Singers (1909)

Bobby Horton - All Quiet Along The Potomac

Southern Appalachian Folk Song

Georgia "Rang Tang" Square Dance

Cecil Sharp Project - Child's Song / Barbara Allen. 24th March 2011, Shrewsbury

Cecil Sharp Project - Dear Kimber. Shrewsbury 24th March 2011

Kate Rusby, Awkward Annie - Cambridge Folk Festival

Kate Rusby, The Goodman

New Version - live @ T√łnder Festival