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SAA 2015

Dr. Louise C. Geddes Adelphi University "Bloody Poetry": Measure for Measure in the hands of Howard Brenton
Ms Heather M. Ackerman Arizona State University  "A Merchant Word": The Economic Trajectory of Accomodation
Dr Marcia Eppich-Harris Marian University  Whoring Shakespeare: The Commodification of the Bard
Dr Ryan Farrar Northern Arizona University  The Noble Expsure of Christopher Sly in The Taming of the Shrew
Dr Sarah A. Hogan Wake Forest University  Midnight Notes on Shakespeare
Ms Zorica Jelic University of Belgrade Coriolanus Film and Theater Adaptations in Communist and Post-Communist Countries
Dr Matthew J Kendrick William Patterson University Why Helena's Cure Works in All's Well that Ends Well
Dr Gloria Olchowy Grant MacEwan University A Rupture in Birth Order: The Work of Suffering in King Lear
Dr Carolyn Sale University of Alberta emailed to participants
Mr Tristan Alexander Samuk University of Toronto  Marx, Thersites, and Raillery
Prof Charles Whitney University of Nevada-Las Vegas  Metabolic Rift in Marx, Shakespeare and the Present
Mr Matthew Williamson Queen's University Belfast  Pericles and the Food Gift
Dr Christian Smith University of Warwick Karl Marx at Tomis: The Role of Shakespeare in the Transformations of Marx's Juvenilia and University Writings