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Complaints and appeals

Student Academic Complaints Procedure

The University has a Student Academic Complaints Procedure to deal with complaints made about the teaching and learning process and provision made by the University to support that process. If you are considering making such a complaint, you may wish to contact the Students’ Union Education Officer or the Senior Tutor for advice.

This procedure may not be used for complaints which can be dealt with under the Disciplinary Regulations, the Harassment Guidelines, or the Appeals Procedures.

For more information, click on the University’s Complaints procedure.

Changing your supervisor

Every effort will be made to ensure that the supervisory arrangements put in place for your doctoral work continue to work as well as possible throughout your period of study. However, the Department is aware that difficulties do sometimes arise between doctoral students and their supervisors, often through no fault on either side. If you should have any concerns relating to your supervision, please feel free to raise the matter directly with your supervisor, or, if you prefer, to discuss the matter in confidence with the Director of Graduate Studies. You may also wish to speak with your mentor, who can offer impartial advice.

Any difficulties raised by the student relating to supervision will not prejudice that student in any way. However, it is important to note that it is the responsibility of the student to bring the difficulties to the attention of their personal tutor, the Director of Graduate Studies or, in the last resort, to the University's Graduate School Office, in good time. The University cannot remedy difficulties or failings of which it was not made properly aware.

If, for any reason, your supervisor should become absent or unavailable to direct your work, the Director of Graduate Studies will assign a replacement supervisor, on either a temporary or a permanent basis, at the earliest available opportunity.

Appeal Procedure for Research Students

Candidates who are not awarded a degree or who are awarded a lower degree than that for which the thesis was submitted may appeal against the decision of the examiners to the Chair of the Graduate Appeals Committee, only if there is evidence of procedural irregularities in the supervisory or examination processes. The academic judgement of the examiners may not be challenged. Postgraduate students are required to complete a form if they wish to appeal against the decision of the examiners for their course. The form, including contact details for advice on appeals procedures, is available from the Graduate School website.