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EN304 Archived Resources

These notes, by Dr.Helen M. Dennis, should not be seen as comprehensive statements on texts and topics, rather as instigations for thinking and research.

online lectures —

numbers refer to the weeks in which the texts are taught in 2009-10


1. Campbell & Kean 

American Cultural Studies

2. Willa Cather My Antonía (1918)
3. F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby (1925)
4 & 5. William Faulkner Light in August (1932)
7. Raymond Chandler The Big Sleep (1939)
8. William Carlos Williams Poetry and Prose
9 & 10. Ralph Ellison   Invisible Man (1952)
11. Jack Kerouac On the Road (1957)
12. Sylvia Plath  The Bell Jar (1963)
13. Michael Herr Dispatches (1977)
14. Don DeLillo  White Noise (1984)
15. Adrienne Rich Poetry and Prose
17 & 18. Toni Morrison Beloved (1987)
19. Cormac McCarthy All the Pretty Horses (1992)
20. Linda Hogan Power (1998)
Additional materials
Louise Erdrich Love Medicine (revised 1994)
Toni Morrison Song of Solomon (1977)

Lecture Handouts

My Antonia

The Great Gatsby

Light in August

The Big Sleep

Invisible Man

Invisible Man factsheet

The Bell Jar


White Noise


All the Pretty Horses

Song of Solomon

Love Medicine