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English Literature degrees with Intercalated Year (four year degree with year abroad)

The Department offers students on its courses the opportunity to spend their third year at one of our partner institutions in Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia or North America and then return to Warwick to complete the fourth and final year of their degree. Students are able to apply to transfer to the four-year course when they are in their second year at Warwick, provided they complete the second year with a 2:1 average. If you would like to apply, please:

1. Attend the important informational session on study abroad for all interested second-year students on Wednesday, 31st October 2018 at 1:00pm in room OC1.06. A representative from the Study Abroad Office and students returning from the intercalated year will speak about the exchanges programme and answer questions.

2. Submit the Expression of Interest Form (link on right) between 31st October (after the informational session in Week 5 - see below) and the deadline of 29th November 2018.

3. Ask your referee to upload your reference (as a Word or PDF document) here by the closing date on 19th November. Note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your referee has responded by the deadline, so please make sure that you have given them adequate warning when you request a reference.

If you have any further questions about the course, please contact Dr Ross Forman (Intercalated Year Officer). The links below provide information on our partner institutions.

Information Session for Monash (Melbourne and Kuala Lumpur)

Thursday, November 8th 3pm to 4 pm, L5 in the Chemistry Building

Study Abroad Team Support

The Study Aborad Team will be running presentations for any students interested in going abroad next year as part of their degree as follows:

Wed 14th Nov, 2pm to 4pm
Mon 19th Nov, 10am to 12noon
Wed 21st Nov, 2pm to 4pm
Wed 28th Nov, 2pm to 4pm

All are in room H0.52 in Humanities.

Students should sign up in advance at

These sessions began last year and worked well in allowing interested students to network and support one other at an early stage in the process, prior to making specific decisions at the departmental level.

Europe (Erasmus+):

Freie University, Berlin

University of Aix-Marseille

Paris-Sorbonne (Paris IV)

Bogazici University, Istanbul

Unviersity of Bayreuth

University of Padua

University of Valencia

University of Zurich


McMaster University (university-wide exchange)

University of British Columbia

University of Toronto (not available in 2019/20)

University of Waterloo

University of Western Ontario (not available in 2019/20)

Queen's University (Kingston, Ontario) (not available in 2019/20).

United States:

University of California

University of Connecticut (not available in 2019/20)

University of Rochester (New York) (not available in 2019/20)

University of Massachusetts, Amherst (not available in 2019/20)


Monash University

Hong Kong:

University of Hong Kong

Chinese University of Hong Kong


National University of Singapore

Nanyang Technological University


Sun Yat-sen University (Boya College)

Tsinghua University

Xiamen University


University of Keio (tbc)

Waseda University

South Korea:

Seoul National University


Monash Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) (unlimited places)


Universitas Gadjah Mada


Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC Rio)

Note that there is also a university-wide summer scheme for study abroad in East Asia:
The Renmin University of China International Summer School (Renmin ISS). Based in Beijing, Renmin ISS is a four-week summer programme that allows students from all over the world to learn about Chinese culture, society and language at the prestigious Renmin University of China. All non-finalist undergraduate students are eligible to apply. No prior knowledge of Chinese language is necessary, only a genuine interest in learning about China and Chinese culture.

Please Note!

- In most cases, instruction at the above institutions is available in English for English-literature courses; in all non-Anglophone countries, however, proficiency in the host-nation language to a B1 level is strongly recommended. It is the student applicant’s responsibility to determine his or her suitability for study abroad, including the appropriate and/or required levels of linguistic competence. Please make an honest and realistic assessment of your ability and readiness to undertake a year of study overseas.
- Note that you must pass all courses you take while abroad in order to qualify for the Intercalated Year degree. Students who fail to accrue the necessary number of credits during their year abroad will revert to the three-year English degree, with potential consequences for their funding and liability for fees.


During your year abroad, you will typically pay a predetermined fraction of your annual Local Education Authority tuition fees to the University of Warwick; contact the Study Abroad Office for more information, and see current fee tables at the Academic Office site. Students who receive loans through the Student Loans Company should contact their issuing body and inform them of their year abroad; this may mean that they are eligible for increased maintenance loans to help fund their time abroad.


You will have to pay for your return airfare and any other trips that you take. You will also need to cover accommodation and usual living costs. Depending on eligibility, grants are available to help with the costs of attending some European institutions; further information is available through the Study Abroad Office.

Keeping in Touch While Away

Students following the intercalated year variants of our degree courses will be subject to the regular monitoring structure outlined during their first, second and fourth years. During the third year (the intercalated year spent abroad at a partner institution) the following arrangements will apply:

· Detailed meeting with the personal tutor prior to leaving the university
· Contact with the Intercalated Year Officer before departure
· Email correspondence with the Intercalated Year Officer (who will serve as your personal tutor) to monitor progress on a monthly basis
· Email correspondence with the personal tutor/English Office to discuss module choices during the spring vacation

See full details HERE.

Other points will be agreed with placement partners on an individual basis, taking into account those partners' local arrangements. This is in accordance with the guidance in the Good Practice Guide on Monitoring Student Attendance and Progress.

*With effect from 2016/17, students on their intercalated year will also need to register for a new 120 CAT module, EN279-120. This will then appear on your Higher Education Academic Record (HEAR). See HERE for full details


Information on all programmes for study abroad is available via the Study Abroad Office

Expression of Interest Form
to be completed by current 2nd Years for study abroad in 2019-20; to be submitted to English Office by noon on Thursday, 29th November 2018

Reference Form
to be completed by referee by noon on Thursday, 29th November 2018.

For more information on international activities on campus, visit the Go Global portal, run jointly by the Office for Global Engagement and the Students' Union.




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