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Exam period

The examination period starts in WEEK 4 OF THE SUMMER TERM AND FINISHES IN WEEK 9 including Saturdays. It is important that all students keep these weeks free, as the final examination timetable is not published until the beginning of the Summer Term. Examination dates cannot be changed so please do not guess when your exams might be scheduled.

Exam format

Most of the examinations that you sit as part of your degree will be invigilated, unseen papers. There are some exceptions to this. There are a few modules that examine via a seen paper. The details of these will be given to you by the tutor. Seen examination papers will be published on this website in advance of the examination and students taking the exam will be advised to download the paper. Always make sure that you pay close attention to the instructions on the examination paper, e.g. some of your examinations may include reading time, whilst others may not. Please note: You will be penalised up to 20 marks from your overall exam mark if it is evident that you are in violation of the rubric of the exam paper.

Exam rooms

It is normal for a number of different papers to be sat at any one time in any one place during the examination diet at Warwick. It is very important to take into consideration the other candidates and to be courteous towards them. If your examination finishes before another paper, you must leave the room as quickly and quietly as possible when permitted to do so.

Revision sessions

Many of the tutors will run revision sessions during the Summer Term. However, you are responsible for organising your own revision. It is also important to give some thought to examination technique. If you have queries concerning this, you should contact your seminar tutor or personal tutor who should be able to give you some advice.

Exam feedback

Written feedback on your examination performance is available on request. Please note, however, that the department's policy is that examination scripts will not be returned to students.

Exam boards

There are three examination boards; one each for first years, second years and finalists. The role of the Examination Board is to consider the performance of students over the academic year and, in the case of first and second years, to make a recommendation about students' progression and in the case of finalists, to recommend the classification of degree to be awarded.

A Note on Module Requirements

Students are required to complete all components of each module to pass. Information regarding the requirements of each module can be found on individual module websites. This rule is in accordance with University Regulation 36.2, which sets out general requirements and expectations in terms of progress, attendance and the completion of work.’

Pass lists

Following the Examination Board meetings, pass lists will be displayed in the foyer of University House and in the English department's reception area. For first and second years, the pass lists comprise a list of the names of those students who are being allowed to proceed into the next year of study. Details of results in assessments are not included on the lists. For finalists, the pass lists indicate the classification of degree awarded to each student. Please note that the English department is not allowed to display the lists until all results have been released by University House.

If you do not wish your name to be included on the displayed pass list, please advise by no later than 6th May 2017.

Second-year students only

Second year results will not be available until after the end of term as the meeting of the Examination Board does not not take place until week 11. Therefore, results will be available via 'my.warwick' and we will mail you all to let you know when these results are available.