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Mitigating Circumstances

During your time at the University it is possible that some circumstances may arise that may adversely impact on your work, such as illness or injury. Or it may be that you suffer from Specific Learning Difficulties which requires additional support or special arrangements to be made to enable you to complete your work. There are a number of different ways in which the Department and University will try to support you through your studies and to take certain circumstances into account when examining your work. Some of these are described below. If you want any further information about the support which is available contact the Senior Tutor's office.

Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD)

If you suffer from any specific learning difficulties, such as dyslexia, it is very important that you inform your personal tutor and provide supporting documentation for your file. If the department is not made aware of any difficulties, your tutors cannot take them into consideration when assessing your work. For example, ‘yellow stickers’ are issued to students with specific learning difficulties to ensure that markers are alerted that the students’ work should not be penalised for errors made due to the SpLD. Work without a yellow sticker will not be subject to any exceptions. If you do suffer from a SpLD, you may also be eligible for study support, so it is always important that the department is informed. Full details can be found on the disability webpage of the University’s website.

Special Examination Arrangements

If you had extra time for your school examinations, or experience an injury or illness that prevents you from attending the examination, special arrangements can be made. These can include extra time, a scribe, a non-networked computer and a quiet room away from the main examination room. If you require any special examination arrangements it is critical that you let your personal tutor and the Office know as soon as possible so that the University Examinations Office can make the necessary arrangements for you.

If you do request any special arrangements you must provide supporting evidence, for example a letter from your doctor.

Mitigating Circumstances Committee

If a student experiences any personal or medical problems that may affect their academic work, they may present evidence to the Mitigating Circumstances Committee, via their personal tutor, the Director of Undergraduate Studies or the Head of Department. The evidence should be documented, e.g. a medical certificate, and is treated in the strictest confidence. The Committee meets during the Spring and Summer Terms and will make recommendations to the Examinations Board.

If you wish to present a case to the Mitigating Circumstances Committee, you must complete a consent form permitting your case and supporting evidence to be discussed by the closed committee. Under Data Protection Legislation any academic committee is prohibited from discussing a student’s personal details without consent.


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