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Collect your timetable


All first-year modules are taught as a combination of LECTURES and SEMINARS. (For detailed information on all of the first-year modules, see below.)

LECTURES are centrally timetabled. First-year core module English lectures are EN101 (Epic), EN121 (Medieval to Renaissance), EN122 (Modes of Reading), and EN123 (Literature in the Modern World).

One 1-hour lecture per week is attached to each of these modules. You are required to attend all lectures, not only because they provide the intellectual framework for the module but because Convenors and Lecturers use these occasions to make announcements (changes to the timetable, invitations to theatre trips, etc.) and to hand out module material: lecture lists and bibliographies, essay titles and instructions, questionnaires and module appraisals.

SEMINARS are allocated by the department. You will find out which seminar you are attending when you collect your timetable in the first week of term. 

Seminars are small-group occasions when you meet with a module tutor and discuss your reading, issues emerging from the lectures, or specific questions set by your tutor expanding out of the syllabus. Seminars are occasions when you may be asked to present a paper for discussion or a presentation. They are your opportunity for developing your own ideas, for working closely on a text, and especially for asking questions. (Remember: there are no 'wrong' questions! If you don't understand something, you can depend on it: ten other people in the seminar don't understand it either. And your questions are what keep your tutors’ thinking sharp and up to date.)

Each module has a seminar attached to it. Seminar groups are assigned: see your individual timetable for individual meeting times for each of your modules. Once you have your timetable, check the first-year notice board for further information from your seminar tutors, specifically respecting meeting times in the first week of term. Many tutors post information specific to their module on their office doors (or on the notice board adjacent to the tutor’s office). Don't miss your first seminar simply because you've failed to see a notice for it.

Attendance at seminars is compulsory, and you should inform your tutor if you expect to miss a seminar for any reason.

If you have queries about your timetable go to the Undergraduate Programmes Office, H506.