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Course details Epic Tradition

Main sections of the module

1. Homer, Iliad (weeks 2-5)

2. Homer, Odyssey (weeks 7-10)

3. Virgil, Aeneid (weeks 11-14)

4. Milton, Paradise Lost (weeks 15-19)

5. Walcott, Omeros (weeks 20-22)

Lectures 2016-17

Lectures will take place on Thursdays at 12 noon in room H.052

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Module requirements

All students must attend lectures and seminars, having prepared material as directed by your tutor.

1. First-year students must submit: two unassessed essays and one unassessed commentary AND sit a three-hour examination (100%).

2. Honours level students taking this course must submit: EITHER two assessed essays of 5,000 words OR one assessed essay of 5,000 words (50%) and sit a two-hour examination (50%), answering questions 1 and 2 only (see below).

3. Visiting students:

a) those students attending for the full year and taking the module for credit are to be assessed as if for Honours level (see 2. above)

b) those part-year students who are visiting for one or two terms only must submit one 3,000 word essay for each of the term/s for which they are present.



1. Write comparatively about two pairs of parallel passages drawn from any of the five core texts (34%)

2. One essay making a comparative literary response to some of the core texts studied, from a choice of essay questions (33%).

3. For first-year students only: one essay about the themes, attitudes and literary techniques of epic in relation to an unseen passage (33%)


Course outline

This outline aims to show what primary reading is required. Tutors will give direction on which particular books need to be read. The module bibliography (given below) provides a list of secondary materials from which you can select further reading.

Autumn term 2016

Week 1 Introduction to the course

Weeks 2-5 Homer, Iliad (6 books each week)

Written assignment: a commentary exercise of c. 1,500 words consisting of comparison between two sets of extracts is due in Week 7 (for first-year students).

Weeks 7-10 Homer, Odyssey (6 books each week)

Written assignment: a 2,500-3,000 word vacation essay on Homer is due in Week 1 of the Spring Term (for first-year students).

Spring term 2017

Weeks 1-4 Virgil, Aeneid (3 books each week)

Weeks 5-9 Milton, Paradise Lost (3 books each week)

Week 10 Walcott, Omeros (book 1)

Written assignment: a 2,500-3,000 word essay on Virgil and/or Milton to be handed in at the end of Week 10 (for first-year students).

Summer term 2016

Weeks 1-3 Walcott, Omeros (books 2-7)