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Lecture List: term 1

The first lecture of each unit will focus on the primary text for that unit. The lectures in the remaining weeks of that unit will look at the primary text in relation to the stated theory. You will cover the same material each week in your seminars.


Set Texts

Lecture Podcasts

Week 1

Introduction to the Module: Why Theory Matters powerpoint)

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Week 2

Unit 1: Nation, Culture, Place

Sam Selvon, The Lonely Londoners (1956) (Powerpoint Presentation)

Lecturer for this unit: Dr Mike Niblett

Week 3


Week 4


Week 5


Week 6



Week 7

Unit 2: Between Historical and Contemporary

Kushner: The Flamethrowers (2013)

A Return to the 70s: The Flamethrowers as a Historical Novel

Lecturer for this unit: Dr. Myka Tucker-Abramson

Nicholas Dames "Seventies Throwback Fiction" (
Rachel Kushner "Art and Photography"

Week 8

Kushner: The Role of Art in the Age of Finance: The Flamethrowers as a Novel about Art

  • Adorno "Commitment" (New Left Review-
  • Nicholas Brown "The Work of Art in the Age of its Real Subsumption Under Capitalism" (
  • Supplemental: Michael Fried "Art and Objecthood"

(NB: lecture sound had problems)

Week 9

Kushner: China Girls and Feminist Revolutionaries: The Flamethrowers as a Feminist Novel

  • Silvia Federici and the Wages for Housework Committee "Wages Against Housework" (
  • Valerie Solanas "Scum Manifesto" (available soon)
  • Supplemental: Shulamith Firestone Dialectic of Sex "On American Feminism"

Week 10

Kushner: The Coming Insurrection: The Flamethrowers as a contemporary novel

  • Philip Mirowski Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste "One More Red Nightmare" Book in Library
  • Supplemental: Tiqqun The Coming Insurrection "A Point of Clarification"