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This is the expected running order of the module for 2020-21. This will be confirmed by summer 2020. Please do not purchase any books yet.

Week 1: Introduction; John Donne

Week 2: Ben Jonson’s Jacobean Court Masques.

Week 3: Essays by Francis Bacon and Michel de Montaigne

Week 4: Ben Jonson et. al, Eastward Ho!

Week 5: George Herbert

Week 6: Reading Week

Week 7: James Shirley, The Bird in a Cage

Week 8: Cavalier Poetry: Herrick, Carew, Lovelace, Suckling

Week 9: John Milton: Poems 1645

Week 10: Andrew Marvell


Week 1: Katherine Philips and Hester Pulter

Week 2: Spiritual Autobiographies: Laurence Clarkson, The Lost Sheep Found and Agnes Beaumont, The Narrative of Agnes Beaumont

Week 3: John Milton: Samson Agonistes

Week 4: Margaret Cavendish, The Blazing World

Week 5: Rochester

Week 7: Restoration Drama I: Wycherley, The Country Wife; Etherege, The Man of Mode

Week 8: Restoration Drama II: Behn, The Rover

Week 9: Dryden, Absalom and Achitophel

Week 10: Behn, Oroonoko