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Formative essay

Formative Essay, Autumn 2016

1,500 word formative essay, to be written during Reading Week and due in at your seminar in Week 7.

  • Discuss the ways in which Herbert combines his rhetorical interests with his Protestant faith
  • Using two masques from the Jacobean period show how the masque genre is court-centred
  • How do the poems of Lady Mary Wroth explore ideas of female authorship?
  • Explore client-patron relations in Ben Jonson's 'To Penshurst'
  • Show anti-Catholicism operating in Webster's 'The White Devil'
  • Choose two sonnets by John Donne and assess their impact on readers rhetorically and religiously
  • Choosing one of the writers from the course so far, describe how seventeenth-century authors engaged with Calvinist teaching in their writings.
  • Choosing one of the texts from the course so far, examine the interplay between political praise and critique.

For guides to writing your essays for this course, please look here.

Erasmus Students: Please look here for details of your first assessed essay