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Secondary Reading Suggestions Term 2



John D Coates, Chesterton and the Edwardian Cultural Crisis, Hull University Press, 1984

G K Chesterton, As I Was Saying: A Chesterton Reader ed. Robert Knille, Eerdmands, 1985

G K Chesterton,Autobiography, Hutchinson & Co., 1936.

G K Chesterton, Essays by G.K. Chesterton: selected with a preface by John Guest ; illustrated by Newton Whittaker. Collins Clear-type Press, 1939.

G K Chesterton,G. K. Chesterton : A Half Century of Views edited by D. J. Conlon, OUP, 1987 Maisie Ward, Gilbert Keith Chesterton, Sheed & Ward, 1944


Agatha Christie, Autobiography, Harper Collins (2001) [1971]

Merja Makinen, Agatha Christie : investigating femininity, Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.

Janet Morgan.Agatha Christie:a biographyFontana, 1985

Charles Osbourne, The Life and Times of Agatha Christie, Harper Collins (1999)

Shaw and Vanacker, Reflecting on Miss Marple, Routledge, 1991

Susan Rowland,From Agatha Christie to Ruth Rendell : British women writers in detective and crime fiction, Palgrave, 2004.

Barrell, John: "Death on the Nile: fantasy and the literature of tourism 1840-1860."
Essays in Criticism (41:2) 1991, 97-127. (F. W. Bateson memorial lecture, 13 Feb. 1991.) (1991)


Glenwood Irons (ed.), Feminism in Women's Detective Fiction. U of Toronto P, 1995.

Barbara Reynolds, Dorothy Sayers: Her Life and Soul, St. Martin's. 1993

Valerie Pitt, ‘Dorothy Sayers: The Masks of Lord Peter’ in Clive Bloom (ed.), Twentieth-Century Suspense: The Thriller Comes of Age. St. Martin's, 1990.

Gayle F Wald, ‘ Strong Poison: Love and the Novelistic in Dorothy Sayers’< /span> in
Walker and Frazer (ed.)
The Cunning Craft: Original Essays on Detective Fiction and Contemporary Literary Theory. Western Illinois Univ., 1990.

Laurel Young, ‘Dorothy L. Sayers and the New Woman Detective Novel’, in Clues,Summer 2005.Vol. 23, Iss. 4;  pg. 39, 15 pgs


Ngaio Marsh, Black Beach and Honey Dew: An Autobioraphy, Collins, 1966

Katherine, McDorman, Ngaio Marsh, Twayne Publishers, 1991

Mary Weinkauf, Murder Most Poetic: The Mystery Novels of Ngaio Marsh, Brownstone Books, 1996.

General Twentieth Century Crime Fiction Related

Nicola Humble, The Feminine Middlebrow Novel 1920s to 1950s: Class, Domesticity, and Bohemianism, OUP, 2001

Stephen Knight, Form and Ideology in Crime Fiction, Macmillan, 1980

Alison Light, Forever England: Feminism, Literature and Conservatism between the wars, Routledge, 1991

Gill Plain, Twentieth-Century Crime Fiction: Gender, Sexuality and the Body, Edinburgh University Press, 2001

Susan Rowland, From Agatha Christie to Ruth Rendell: British Women Writers in Detective and Crime Fiction, Palgrave, 2004

General History

Piers Brandon, The Decline and Fall of the British Empire 1781-1997, Vintage 2008

Eric Hobsbawm, The Age of Empire 1875-1914, Abacus, 2003

(For the transition from 19thto 20thCentury, i.e. term 1 to term 2).

Eric Hobsbawm, The Age of Extremes 1914-1991, Abacus, 2003

(Early parts for the first half of 20thCentury, including chapter ‘End of Empire’)

Wendy Webster, Englishnes and Empire 1939-1965, OUP, 2007

(For transition into WWII and changes in Empire)

Egypt The Cambridge History of Egypt, Vol.2 Modern Egypt ed E M Daly, CUP, 1998

Beinin and Lockmann, Workers on the Nile: Nationalism, Communism, Islam and the Egyptian

Working Class, 1882-1954, Taurus, 1998