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Week 1

Mary Antin The Promised Land (1912)

The module starts in week one.

Please read:

Chris Bigsby. “What, then, is the American?” The Cambridge Companion to Modern American Culture. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006.

Neil Campbell & Alasdair Kean. "Introduction," "New Beginnings: American culture and identity," & "Ethnicity and Immigration." American Cultural Studies. Routledge, second revised edition 2006, 1-73.

Please prepare:

 Chapters VII-XI of The Promised Land for Thursday's seminar.

Recommended Further Reading

Eva Hoffman.  Lost in Translation. London: MInerva, 1991.

Optional reading

My online introductory lecture can be found under Archived Resources.

Remember that we also have a workshop in the Capital Rehearsal Room at IATL (previously known as the Capital Centre) on Friday morning this week. Friday 10.00-12.00.
Please bring copies of The Promised Land to both the seminar and the workshop.  Thanks!