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Week 3

Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby (1925)

Please read the following:


Jim Cullen. "Introduction," "Chapter 6," "Conclusion." The American Dream: A Short History of an Idea that Shaped a Nation.  Oxford University Press, 2004.

Jonathan Raban. "The Biggest Department Store in the World." Hunting Mister Heartbreak. London: Collins Harvill, 1990, 55-124.

David Reynolds Empire of Liberty. The Jazz Age hits Main Street

David Reynolds Empire of Liberty.  The Great Depression


Please come prepared to give a five-ten minute introduction to The Great Gatsby. You might want to think about the following topics and/or draw on the theoretical readings:
  • Mythology of the American Dream revisited
  • Treatment of discourse of white supremacy
  • The 1920s as the 'Jazz Age'
  • Writing American experience as romance
  • Representation of the city - specifically New York
  • The framing device of Nick as narrator


Please read my online lecture on the text.


Optional Further Reading

Matthew Bruccoli. A Brief Life of Fitzgerald.

Richard Godden. "The Great Gatsby: glamour on the turn."  Fictions of Captial. C.U.P., 1990, 78-103.

You will find more suggestions for further reading here.