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Syllabus 2018-19

Term 1

Week 1: Introduction. Reading can be downloaded here: Pauline Hopkins, 'Talma Gordon' (1900)

Week 2: Willa Cather, My Antonia (1918)

Week 3: Modernism/Modernity. Start John Dos Passos, Manhattan Transfer (1925). Modern painting. Secondary reading: Georg Simmel “The Metropolis and Mental Life” (1903) and Siegfried Kracauer “Mass Ornament” (1927).

Weeks 4 and 5: John Dos Passos, Manhattan Transfer (1925) / Library field trip (on campus). Which week you'll be doing which will depend on who your tutor is; we'll give you more information in week 1.

Week 6: Reading week

Week 7: Nella Larsen, Passing (1929)

Week 8: William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying (1930)

Week 9: Raymond Chandler, Farewell, My Lovely (1940)

Week 10: Shirley Jackson, The Haunting of Hill House (1959)

Term 2

Week 1: Loraine Hansberry, A Raisin in the Sun (1959)

Week 2: The Avant Gardes. Allen Ginsberg, Howl (1956). Secondary reading: Norman Mailer "The White Negro" (1957). Abstract Expressionism (especially Jackson Pollock, Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthel, Willem de Koonig, Mark Rothko, and Lee Krasner); Amiri Baraka and the Black Arts Movement.

Week 3: Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of Lot 49 (1965)

Week 4: Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony (1977)

Week 5: New York in the 1970s. **Tim Lawrence will be visiting campus and this week's seminars will be differently timetabled. Special arrangements will be made and details will be given in class.** Kathy Acker, 'New York City in 1979' (1979). Secondary reading: Tim Lawrence, 'Life, Death, and the Hereafter'. Music and painting, TBA.

Week 6: Reading week

Week 7: Sandra Cisneros, House on Mango Street (1984)

Week 8: Bret Easton Ellis, American Psycho (1991)

Week 9: Cynthia Kadohata, In the Heart of the Valley of Love (1992)

Week 10: TBD in class