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Myka's Groups

Instructions for the Periodising Presentations

Term 1

Week 1 - Introduction

Week 2 - My Antonia and the frontier

Week 3 - Manhattan Transfer and Modernism and Quotesheet

Week 4 - Manhattan Transfer, the New Woman, and the Mass Ornament and Quotesheet

Week 5 - Library Session: Vladimir Mayakovsky's "Brooklyn Bridge"

Week 7 - ´╗┐Passing ´╗┐and Racial Uplift and Quotesheet

Week 8 - As I Lay Dying and the Problem of the South

Week 9 - Farewell My Lovely and the urban noir quotesheet

Week 10 - Haunting of Hill House and the queer suburban gothic quotesheet

Term 2

Week 1 - Raisin in the Sun and racial housing