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Reading Week Exercise: You are invited to do the exercise on this link as an unassessed essay to be handed in to me on either Monday or Tuesday of week 7 (18th or 19th Feb). My advice is that you hand-write it, and that you either do it in 1 hour, 'unseen', or give yourself a short period of preparation (i.e. c. two hours), and then write your answer in an hour. [Please mark on your essay if it is 'unseen'] It doesn't need to be perfect but even just focusing on this kind of task for an hour will make a huge difference in the long run.

There are three reasons I have set this:

1. to allow me to check that you are writing in the way you will need to in order to do well in the essay (some of this will be grammatical, some of it content)

2. to get you to start to make connections between the texts so as to make sure you fulfil particularly the second learning outcome for this module, "demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the major dramatic trends of the period 1660-1709"

3. (if you are doing the exam) to get you used to answering this kind of question.

Powerpoints etc

Introduction to Restoration theatre - slideshow (week 1)

The Rover - slideshow (week 2)

The Invention of Sentimental Comedy? - slideshow (week 3)

The Recruiting Officer -- slideshow (week 4)

The Busy Body -- slideshow (week 5)

Week 5 Class Extract -- extract from The Busy Body

Other Resources

Restoration Drama: A Timeline - handout (week 1)

Synposis of Dryden's Conquest of Granada (week 8)