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Exam Format

You will have 15 minutes of reading time before the exam starts in order to plan out your responses.

The exam consists of three parts.

In the first part, worth 20 percent, you will have to answer five short answer questions out of a menu of ten. For this section, you will be asked to identify the author and title of the work from which a quotation, name, or concept is taken. You will then write a short paragraph (up to 100 words) explaining the context and significance of the term to the work and to the themes of the module. For this section, you will have more options if you revise some of the material from the weeks for which we did not have seminars.

The second part, worth 40 percent, consists of a comparative essay question. You will be asked to write about two of the literary texts from the whole module.

The third part, also worth 40 percent, consists of an essay question involving one literary text from term 2. Again, you may wish to consider using a text from the weeks for which we did not have seminars in order to give you more flexibility.

In the second and third parts, the questions do not direct you to specific works; you are free to choose appropriate materials. You can, of course, use short stories or poems in these sections. As with all exams, you will not be able to repeat content from other parts of the exam or from your term 1 essay. This does not necessarily preclude you from answering a question in part 1 involving a text you later use in one of the longer essays.

Previous exams, with questions similar to those in parts two and three, are available through the usual means.

´╗┐Revision sessions

I will be running a couple of revision sessions during term 3. During these sessions, you will have an opportunity to answer sample questions for the first part of the exam—similar to the exercise we did in term 1, which was modelled specifically to prepare you for this format—and to ask any other questions you may have.

Here is the Levy Exercise we did in Term 1, which should help you to familiarize yourself with the format of the short answer section of the exam.