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Available pdfs of the lecture powerpoints 2018-19.

Lecture 1: Literary Topographies

Lecture 2: Dialogues Between Image and Text

Lecture 3: Conceptualising the Victorian Child

Lecture 4: The Haunted Novel

Lecture 5: Science and the Novel

Lecture 6: Past, Present, Future


1. In what ways canspaces and placesfeature in texts? For each type, give an example.

2. What are the different ways C19th novels use or interact with the visual?

3. Identify different kinds of "paratexts" used by novels on the course, and discuss their purpose.

4. In what ways can our texts be "ghostly/spectral"?

5. What significance does science” have to and in the C19th novel?

6. What are the different notions of temporality at play in our novels?