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Assessed Essay Questions T2


Essays due by Tuesday, by 12 noon, Week 4, Term 2.

Late submissions will incur a penalty of 5 marks per day.

Note: Please consult the Department website and/or the Student Handbook for guidance on essay submission on Tabula and penalties for late submission.

Please also make note of the Departmental regulations on Plagiarism.

For all bibliographic citations, primary and secondary, use the MLA Guidelines, a link to which is provided on the Department webpage for Undergraduate Studies.

Choose any one of the following comparative questions and and write a 2,500-word comparative essay. Third year students are expected to devise their own topic (also comparative) in consultation with the tutor. They may draw on these for inspiration.

  1. Discuss the representation of trauma in any two of the works (novels/films) you have studied this term.
  2. Discuss the role of food in any two of the following: Nervous Conditions, October, Half of a Yellow Sun.
  3. ‘I can explain the names because I wrote the book when things were pretty difficult back home. It’s my own way of saying we need new leadership, new ways of thinking and so forth.’ (Vennessa Obioha, ‘Africa: NoViolet Bulawayo – The New African Voice’). Discuss the significance of names in any two works (novels/films) you have studied this term.
  4. ‘I was also determined to make my novel about what I like to think of as the grittiness of being human—a book about relationships, about people who have sex and eat food and laugh, about people who are fierce consumers of life.’ (Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, ‘African “Authenticity” and the Biafran Experience’) Discuss, with reference to the works (novels/films) you have studied this term.
  5. Discuss the representation of violence in any two works (novels/films) you have studied this term.
  6. ‘All of our present was made out of our past.’ (6) These lines from Mia Couto’s novel Confession of the Lioness link the ideas of time and experience with the narrative structure of the novel. Write an essay exploring these ideas, comparing and contrasting with another text that you have studied this term.