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Wikipedia Assignment

For this assignment, you are asked to revise an existing Wikipedia page—or add a new page—relating to one of the readings for the module for the week in which you are presenting. These might include the page for a primary reading, the author of a primary reading, or a critical concept being discussed that week. Each week, one or two students will present their revisions to the group and explain what they did and did not like about the original entry, what gaps there were in its coverage of the material and/or its presentation of queerness, what changes they made, what the rationale for their changes was, etc. You are encouraged to sign up as a Wikipedia editor, so that once you have edited the page, it can go live.

For your mark and for Tabula, you will need to provide:

1. A copy of the original entry or stub: a screenshot or scanned printout will do. If you are creating a new entry, you can simply note this and any related entries that you would like to flag.

2. A copy of your revised entry.

3. A 300-500 word explication/rationale of your changes and their significance.

The final deadline for this assignment is Week 10, but you may turn it earlier in the term, if you like.