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For your final project, you can choose from one of the following.

If your project requires writing, then the project should consist of 1,500 words for finalists and 1,000 words second years, followed by a 500 -word commentary by both finalists, and second years.

If your project consists of making a video or a podcast, it should be 5-7 minutes long for finalists, and 3-5 minutes for second years, followed by a 500-word commentary by both finalists, and second years.

1. Using Joan Scott’s essay “Experience” as a theoretical frame, write an essay either conducting your own interviews of a subject or subjects whose life experiences may help you understand some aspect of transnational feminism as studied in this module,

or write a memoir where you dwell on a specific “experience” and what that means to you in terms of notions such as feminist agency and feminist consciousness.

In either case, there should be an accompanying commentary explaining your project and its aims.

  1. Create a substantial visual project (photography, video, installation, painting, sculpture, etc.) of your own that explores the gendered body as a contested space within transnational feminism.
  2. Create a feminist historical narrative of your own, drawing upon a particular historical character or figure, or movement or collective. You could develop a website, or a palimpsestic journal, or any other mode of representing the transnational feminist project of engendering history.
  3. Conduct a study of one or more transnational women’s organisations in the UK that someone like Nazneen in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane may become part of, in order to connect with other immigrant women in solidarity. This may involve field visit/s, interviews, studying their publications and website, in addition to writing a critical commentary about your research.
  4. Create an annotated, illustrated syllabus for your own Transnational Feminism module running over 9-10 weeks. Provide as much detail as you can. You may want to look at online collective syllabi for Black Lives Matter or Standing Rock or other contemporary movements. You will need to provide a commentary reflecting on your syllabus.
  5. Present a podcast on any theme read about and discussed on this module, followed by commentary.
  6. Other ideas are also welcome.