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EN3D7 Shakespeare and Selected Dramatists of His Time

NOTE: in 2020-2021 this module is available only to FINALISTS.

Please go to the Moodle page to find current information about this module. Information here is not guaranteed to be current.

Lectures in 2020/2021 will be given on-line by Paul Botley, Ursula Clayton, Stephen Purcell and Carol Chillington Rutter. Seminars will be taken by Botley and Rutter. During this academic year, Rutter's seminars will meet face-to-face; Botley's will meet in a blended schedule, on-line and face-to.face. Consult Tabula for your timetable.

This is a Pathway Approved Option for the English Pathway and one of the Distributional Requirements for the Theory, World, and North American Pathways.