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Lecture Slides

Module Introduction: Which Shakespeare? (Carol Rutter, 3rd October)

Hamlet: Reading Playtexts, Reading Words (Carol Rutter, 8th October)

Hamlet (Paul Prescott, 10th October)

Doctor Faustus (Steve Purcell, 15th October)

Doctor Faustus (Paul Botley, 17th October)

Love's Labour's Lost (Tess Grant, 22nd October)

Love's Labour's Lost (Paul Botley, 24 October)

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Steve Purcell, 29 October)

The Merry Wives of Windsor: Introduction to Performance (Carol Rutter, 31 October)

The Jew of Malta (Tess Grant, 12th November)

The Merchant of Venice / The Jew of Malta (Steve Purcell, 19 November)

Quoting The Merchant of Venice (Paul Prescott, 21 November)

Richard II (Tess Grant, 26th November)

Henry IV, Parts 1 and 2: History, Memory, and Playwriting as the Making of Theatrical Meaning (Carol Rutter, 28 November / 3 December)

Richard II and Henry IV: The power of performance/ the performance of power (Paul Prescott, 5 December)

Antony and Cleopatra (Paul Prescott, 30 January)

Coriolanus (Paul Prescott, 6 February)

Othello (Paul Prescott, 18 February)

King Lear (Steve Purcell, 25 February)

Macbeth (Steve Purcell, 4 March)

The Winter's Tale: Exit, pursued by a bear, or, that’s all folks (Carol Rutter, 13 March)