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Lecture Slides 2011-12

Introduction to the Course (Teresa Grant, 5th October)

Hamlet (Paul Botley, 11th October)

Hamlet (Paul Prescott, 13th October)

Dr Faustus (Steve Purcell, 17th October)

Dr Faustus (Paul Botley, 19th October)

Love's Labours Lost (Teresa Grant, 24th October)

Love's Labours Lost (Paul Botley, 26th October)

A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Steve Purcell, 2nd November)

The Merchant of Venice (Steve Purcell, 16th November)

Edward II (John West, 23rd November)

Richard II (Teresa Grant, 28th November)

Bartholomew Fair (Teresa Grant, 9th January)

Epicoene (Sarah Poynting, 11th January)

As You Like It (Teresa Grant, 16th January)

Twelfth Night (Steve Purcell, 18 January)

Julius Caesar (Teresa Grant, 23rd January)

Julius Caesar (Paul Botley, 25th January)

Antony and Cleopatra (Paul Botley, 30th January)

Antony and Cleopatra (Paul Prescott, 1st February)

Coriolanus (Paul Botley, 6th February)

Coriolanus (Paul Prescott, 8th February)

King Lear (Steve Purcell, 27 February)

Macbeth (Steve Purcell, 5 March)

Macbeth (John West, 7th March)

The Winter's Tale (Teresa Grant, 7th March)

Revision Lectures

Marlowe, Shakespeare, Jonson (Teresa Grant, 23rd April)