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Electronic Module Registration

You MUST register for your modules online: Electronic Module Registration (EMR) is open until mid-October and you must register within that timeframe. Please note that if you do not register by the specified deadline the English Department will complete your EMR on your behalf and there will be no opportunity to change the registration at a later date. Please do not try to register for modules before you have received and made any necessary changes to your timetable. On EMR, you will need to select the modules you have chosen and the correct assessment pattern. The University’s system assigns letters to denote assessment methods as follows (these are general codes; there are specific codes per module):

A = 100% Assessed Essays

B = 100% Examined

C = 50% Examined 50% Assessed Essays

D = any combination of exam and essay not listed above

AO = is for Audit Only (i.e. no credits are earned for the module)

It is very important that you check that your modules and the corresponding assessment patterns are correct. Failure to do so could mean that you may not be registered correctly for examinations.

FAO - students based in the English Department, once they have completed their registration online, should print their EMR page and show it to their personal tutor, who will discuss their choices and answer any queries you may have and will sign it. You must see your personal tutor by the end of week 3 term 1. This is a monitoring point.

You must hand in the printed and signed EMR form to the Undergraduate Programmes Officer in the English Office (H506) by the end of week 3 of term 1.

Once your personal tutor has approved your choices you CANNOT CHANGE YOUR REGISTRATION ON EMR so it is important that you get this right first time.

Please note that no updates may be made to module assessment patterns for any English Literature modules in January.

The details which follow show the assessment patterns for first year modules:

Module Code and Name

Assessment Method

EN101 The Epic Tradition - B: 100% Examined

EN107 British Theatre since 1939 - A: 100% Assessed Essays

EN121 Medieval to Renaissance English Literature - B: 100% Examined

EN122 Modes of Reading - A: 100% Assessed Essays

EN123 Modern World Literatures (Optional Core) - A1: 100% Assessed Essays and Portfolio

EN124 Modes of Writing: An Introduction - A: 100% Assessed Essays

TH114 Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies - Please contact Theatre Studies

If you wish to register for the language module in lieu of EN123 please contact the relevant department. In addition, please complete the relevant form and return it to the English Department by the end of week 2.