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Health and Safety

The Department takes seriously its provision for the safety and welfare of its students. The Department’s Health and Safety Policy and First Aid Contacts are posted on the noticeboard outside the English Office, H506. The Departmental Health and Safety Officer is Alison Lough, H503, ext. 23667.

Fire Evacuation
In the case of a fire alarm, you are expected to leave the building via the nearest staircase quickly and quietly. The congregation area for the Department Offices in the Humanities Building is Car Park 8/8A, the multi-storey car park next to the Sports Centre. Failure to evacuate the building during any fire alarm may lead to disciplinary action.

If you have a disability that may impede your evacuation from the department you can request that the Department’s Health and Safety Officer prepares a personalised evacuation plan for you. There are also two safety stations in the stairwells that you can seek refuge in until help arrives. The contact number for the University’s Security Office is posted at these points.

In the event of fire, raise the alarm as quickly as possible and move to safety. The Departments Fire Warden in the Humanities Building is Daniel Roper, Tel: +44 (0)24 765 23665, Room H5.04. Daniel's responsibility is to co-ordinate the evacuation of the department from the building.

Further information on Fire Safety can be found at:

A yellow laminated notice is posted in each office and teaching room on the 5th Floor near the exits or by the telephones (in the offices) detailing emergency contacts and numbers for ease of reference.

First Aid
In the case of an accident or injury the nearest first aider in the Humanities Building is Dr Emma Mason in the English Department on the 5th Floor, Room H525, ext. 23339 and Mrs Jean Noonan in the Department of History, Room H341, ext. 22080. It is vital that any accidents that occur in the Department are reported to the Departmental Health and Safety Officer, Alison Lough. For the Writers room in Millburn House, please refer to the locally posted notices for the evacuation procedure.

If you cannot find any of the fire officers or the first aider, you should contact Security on ext. 22083

Further details of the University’s Health and Safety Policy can be found at

More information about the arrangements for Health, Safety and Well-being across the University can be obtained from the Health, Safety and Well-being website