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Personal Tutee

The role of the Personal Tutee is:
• To be responsible for their own academic development and achievement by contributing positively to a productive working relationship with the personal tutor
• To respond promptly to invitations to attend personal tutorial meetings
• To inform their personal tutor promptly of any factors that might be impacting significantly on their ability to meet the requirements of their course, it being understood that personal tutors cannot advise and support students if they are unaware of such factors and that personal tutors are required to treat all information disclosed confidentially and to disclose to a third party only by agreement with the student
• To be an active, engaged member of their departmental academic community

As part of the Department’s Monitoring Student Attendance and Progression Policy, you are required to meet with your personal tutor. The meetings are designed to support you and it is important that you attend.

You are encouraged to meet with your personal tutor regularly, especially, but not only, if you have a specific issue that may need negotiation with the department. These meetings can be informal and for your benefit.