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Personal Tutor

• You will have a personal tutor at all times during your degree. Your personal tutor is a member of academic staff who will offer you academic and pastoral support.
• Your personal tutor represents you at any formal assembly such as exams boards or disciplinary hearings and may be consulted by administrative and academic staff on a number of matters regarding your progress.
• Your personal tutor is likely to change from year to year. You can check who your personal tutor is on your TABULA record.

The role of the Personal Tutor is:
• To assist students with the process of induction and orientation into University life and to retain an interest in their personal and academic development throughout their academic careers
• To provide academic advice to personal tutees on their progress and development
• To respond as promptly as possible to requests for help and advice about pastoral/non-academic matters insofar as s/he is competent to do so
• To signpost and refer students on to professional University support services for further assistance if necessary
• To signpost students to relevant careers/skills provision
• To act as the student’s advocate when advocacy is needed

For further detailed informaiton on the role of a Personal Tutor, please go to