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Required Completion of Module Work

Students are required to complete all components of each module to pass. Information regarding the requirements of each module can be found on individual module websites. Where a module comprises more than one element of assessment, students must achieve a pass mark in each of the assessment elements in order to pass the module. If any individual element is not passed at the first attempt, the Board of Examiners will require the student to resit the failed element(s) only. University Regulation 36.2, ‘sets out general requirements and expectations in terms of progress, attendance and the completion of work. The following is excerpted from Regulation 36.2.

1. Students are expected to engage fully with their course of study, take responsibility for their own learning and co-operate with their department and wider University as members of the University community. Students must comply with the requirements for their course as set out by the department.

2. Students are expected to inform departments of any health problems, changes in circumstances or other difficulties that may affect their progress. If a student fails to inform the department, these circumstances cannot be taken into account.
3. Students may be required by the Head of Department to meet with staff in the department. Students may also be required to meet with administrative staff in the wider University.
4. If a student’s progress or behaviour persistently fails to meet the expectations set out in this Regulation and departmental course requirements, the Head of Department may recommend to a Continuation of Registration Committee that the student be required to withdraw (under section 36.4.4).