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Departmental Senior Tutor

The role of the Department Senior Tutor, who will be an experienced member of academic staff, is:

  • To be responsible, together with the HoD, for the effective operation of the personal tutor system in their department
  • To ensure that students know who their personal tutor is, in particular when a change of personal tutor is necessary;
  • To post personal tutor lists on the department’s website;
  • To provide advice, support and guidance to students if their personal tutor is unavailable;
  • To ensure that mitigating circumstances are appropriately recorded and considered by examination boards;
  • To facilitate a change of personal tutor if requested by a personal tutee;
  • To provide support and guidance to members of academic staff who are personal tutors, including updates on new developments in personal tutoring;
  • To ensure that appropriate records are kept of meetings with students;
  • To advise individual personal tutors on relevant skills training options, if appropriate;
  • To consult with the University Senior Tutor about possible changes to the operation of personal tutoring in their department;
  • To report at an annual meeting on the operation of the Personal Tutor system within their department, identifying the ways in which the University's expectations are met, including variations introduced to reflect local needs.
  • To contact, when dealing with potentially life-threatening situations, Student Support 02476 575570 (in office hours), or outside office hours, the Security Team (02476 5) 22222 or (02476 5) 22083