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Graduate supervision

I have supervised dissertations on particular authors such as Angela Carter, Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, Ralph Ellison and Richard Wright, Thomas King and Sherman Alexie; and on topics ranging from ‘absent mothers in 19thc British children’s literature’, to ‘doubles and doubling in the fiction of Woolf, Cunningham, Stevenson and Martin’.

Selection of titles from the graduate dissertations I've supervised recently:

  • Deconstruction, Cannibalism and Angela Carter: Theorising a New Feminist Fictocriticism 
  • Representations of absent mothers in children’s literature
  • Diagnosis and treatment: An Investigation into literary representations of madness
  • Atwood’s Guerilla Collection: Metafictional Duplicity in Murder in the Dark
  • An examination of the treatment of "double otherness" in Maxine Hong Kingston and Jean Rhys's fiction
  • Little Red Riding Hood in fiction, drama and film
  • Critical Translation of Hanna Mina's Fragments of Memory

Although I research and publish mainly in the field of North American writing, I am also interested in supervising dissertations on contemporary Arab and Francophone literature (especially Egyptian, Moroccan, Saudi, Tunisian and Lebanese authors who write either in Arabic or in French). Particular topics that interest me are narratives of memory and remembering, history and historiography, narratives of old age, early travel narratives by female writers.



Jekylls and Hyde


Jean Rhys 


The Hours