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Canadian writing from 1800s; Native North American mythology; Literary theory in practice; Contemporary writing by Arab authors; 19thc fiction from England and France.

I have published essays on Margaret Atwood, Margaret Laurence and Alice Munro as well as an overview article on the development of short fiction in Canada 1845-1945.

My latest publication is an overview essay on short stories in Canada (Jenainati, Cathia, "Mapping the Self through the Canadian Landscape" in Literature Compass (vol 8, Nov. 2008)

I am currently working to finish a monograph entitled Margaret Atwood’s Narratives of Remembering (Liverpool, 2012) and a critical anthology entitled the Book of Wendigo (2012).

My research into narratives of memory and the political dimension of remembering is not limited to Canadian literature. Once my current projects are completed, I plan to teach a module and publish papers on fiction written by Arab authors who deal specifically with the political dimenstion of collective memory and collective amnesia. To this end I shall be presenting a series of papers at various international conferences (North East MLA 2011 and The Louisville Conference on Literature and Culture since 1900) and inviting PhD applications in this field.