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Dr Christian Smith

I came to the University of Warwick from the United States to study Shakespeare and Critical Theory. After completing my Masters in English Literature, I read for my doctorate in English Literature under the supervision of Professors Jonathan Bate and Thomas Docherty. Due to the wide purview of my thesis, in which I set out to test Shakespeare’s influence on Marxism, psychoanalysis and Critical Theory, I was also supported by others in the department including John Fletcher, Nick Lawrence, Catherine Bates, Daniel Katz, Stephen Shapiro, and Emma Francis. I also had access to support from faculty in the departments of philosophy and German studies and from the Warwick Language Centre and the Writing Centre. During my four years of postgraduate studies in the University of Warwick’s Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, I was taught, supported and mentored by a world class faculty. The department and university also afforded me many other opportunities to develop as practicing scholar including the Postgraduate Scholar’s Group at the Humanities Research Centre, the Arts Faculty Seminar Series, and the Thinking Aloud video series. I received pedagogical training from the Learning and Development Centre including introduction to academic and professional practice and technology-enhanced learning. The department allowed me to gain experience teaching seminars in their undergraduate programme. Armed with the skills to be a successful researcher and higher education teacher I set out to find a post and was awarded a two-year teaching fellowship in the English Department at Warwick. I currently teach and lecture in both the undergraduate and Masters programmes while I work on researching and writing my first monograph. My fellowship position has me co-teaching with professors who work in the same fields that I am writing about in my own research. There is a strong overlap between my teaching and my research.