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Feminist Epistemologies in Action

Please note that I am not teaching this module in 2012/13, but it is being run by the Sociology department. This is a record of my work for 2011/2012.

This module aims to provide students with a critical understanding of a range of feminist epistemological, methodological and ethical perspectives and debates, and to enable students to apply that critical understanding to their own reading and research. Through a combination of lectures, seminars and independent reading, the module aims to develop awareness of the significance of difference and power in the research process, and to enable students to consider the implications of different feminist approaches for research.

Module Outline

Week 2: Feminist Research

Week 3: Critiques of Science

Week 4: Feminist Standpoint

Week 5: Quantitative Research

Week 6: Reflexivity

Week 7: Feminist Post-Modernism

Week 8: Taking Difference into Account: Race and Sexuality

Week 9: Feminist Psychoanalysis

Week 10: Post-Feminism