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Week 2

In this introductory session, we will be exploring some of the key concepts central to the module, and asking what difference feminism makes to research. We will also use this session to introduce our own research interests and to begin thinking about how this module might contribute to that ongoing work.

Copies of the Key Readings will be available during Week 1. Please email me, and I'll arrange a copy for you.

Seminar Questions:

  • What is feminist research?
  • What difference does feminism make to research?
  • Why have epistemological questions been so central to feminist theory and research?
  • What is the relationship between method, methodology and epistemology in feminist research?
  • Is there a feminist way of knowing?

Key Readings:

Brooks, A and Hesse-Biber, S N (2007) "An invitation to feminist research". In Hesse-Biber, S N and Brooks, A (eds) Feminist Research Practice: A Primer London: Sage

Maynard, M (1994) "Methods, practice and epistemology: the debate about feminism and research". In Maynard M and Purvis, J (eds) Researching Women's Lives from a Feminist Perspective London: Taylor & Francis

Further readings

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