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Transformations: Gender, Reproduction, and Contemporary Society

Lecture: Monday 4-5 pm, H0.58
Seminars: Tuesday 1-2 pm, 2-3 pm, R1.03

This module examines the significance of gender in shaping, and being shaped by, contemporary human reproduction. Based on feminist perspectives, the module challenges taken-for-granted assumptions and highlights the ways in which reproduction is being transformed.

Autumn Term Lectures

Week 2 Introduction: Defining the Terms
Week 3 Why do we Have Children?
Week 4 Who Owns Women’s Bodies? Who Needs Children?
Week 5 Femininity and Motherhood: Towards an Uncoupling?
Week 6 Masculinity and Fatherhood: Beyond the Breadwinner Role?
Week 7 Embodied Experiences of Pregnancy in a Technological Age
Week 8 Giving Birth to Children and Mothers
Week 9 Beyond the Nuclear Family: Can Parenting ‘Be’ What Parenting ‘Is’?
Week 10 Social and Cultural Politics of Adoption