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Creative Writing

Creative Writing:

In addition to the academia, I have devoted myself to creative writing for years since high school. Since high school, my creative writing was highly praised and won many internal literary awards in school. And since university, my creative writins were further expanded when I won some awards for National Literary Award For Students and Formosa Literary Award. In 2004, I published my first novel Paloma (Pa-luo-ma), and was awarded the title of The Most Expected New-Comer of the Year by China Times. My works can be seen on various literary magazines in Taiwan.

1998: Best Adapted Play of Medea 98, National Chi-Nan University

2000: Excellence in Short Story, Geng-Xin Literary Award

2001: Excellence in Short Story, National Literary Award For Students

2001: The Tale of White Snake, National Chi-Nan University

2003: Excellence in Poetry, National Literary Award For Students

2003: First Prize, Formosa Literary Award

2004: Paloma (Taipei: Mu-ma Publisher, 2004)

Book Cover

Above is the book cover of my first novel, designed by illustrator Hung-Lin Tsai.